Why service-riotgames?

VPN Protected Boosting

LoL Boosting requires every booster to use VPN service in order to prevent ban on account. Our team uses only premium paid VPN services and able to log in from almost any country in your account. That result and safe boosting and very low risk of getting ban.

Free VPN usage

Many solo boosters and services let their team to use free VPN services. Free VPN is very unsafe and may result and getting your account compromised. Using random VPN services to boost lol accounts is always a big risk.

Professional Boosters

In order to join our lol boosting team every player must verify his skill by passing test on our accounts. We also require every booster to verify his ID before he is able to take orders. This helps us to prevent scammers to join our team and result in high boosting quality.

Random players

It may sound strange but many boosting services allow booster to take order simply after registration or easy verification form such as provide screenshots which may be found online. Unprofessional boosters very unstable and can be very toxic when they lose. That only result in poor service and low boosting speed.

Verified Merchant

service-riotgames.com is verified merchant by payment processing companies. It means that our company information is verified and confirmed. We never ask or accept direct payment and only use our payment partners in order to protect both sides - customer and seller of a service.

Risky Payment

Paying directly to booster is always a big risk. One time it may go good but other times it may result in huge lose. We don’t recommend to send any direct payment as it is unsafe for both sides.